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 Москва: +7 (495) 543-91-91, H.Новгород: +7(831) 260-02-22
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“If you want to do something good - do it yourself!”  (если хочешь сделать что-нибудь хорошо - сделай сам!)

From procurement of raw materials to the finished product - we control every step!

Bicycles, like all tech products, are inconceivable without modern technology. We strive to use the most advanced developments.

Production and fabrication technique are closely linked. Therefore, when designing a bike, we pay special attention to all the factors that give the best of our products quality.

Highly trained specialists - engineers, experienced athletes and designers are involved in the development of our products. Only after careful selection and testing CORTO bikes go into production. It is impossible to achieve reliability and durability without it.
Lightweight, strong and perfect in shape the CORTO frames incorporate the latest materials and proprietary techniques, heavy-duty and light aluminum alloys - 7000, ZR9000, 6061, 6066. The CORTO bicycle frames are exposed to combination of actions to ensure strength (by extrusion), weight loss (with butted tube) and the necessary form (due to molding, forming). CORTO’s two main technologies - Fluid Forming and Press-forming (press molding) are both used to exclude additional reinforcements of frame, enhancing rigidity and minimizing weight.

Frame dimensions have been carefully studied to provide superior geometry of the most important details of the bike and make the ride predictable, comfortable and safe.

We understand that setting the right parts on the bike has a direct influence on how comfortable you feel while riding. Key details were chosen by specifically given parameters such as crank length, handlebar range, and seat farness. No detail can be secondary to perfect harmony.

With all this the bike you choose will be reliable in operation and will bring a lot of fun while riding.