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 Москва: +7 (495) 543-91-91, H.Новгород: +7(831) 260-02-22
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We care about you and your bike!

Parts of the world famous brands are used in manufacturing of our bikes. Through this the bicycles are of high quality and reliable.

With a diverse selection of models and kits all the bikes are easy to configure and use.

Warranty repair of bikes is performed in our stores and by our dealers.

Buying a bike, you get a 1 year warranty on the frame, and 6 months on components. Warranty period is stated in the warranty card that you receive with the new bike.

Our service centers perform maintenance and repair of any complexity, both warranty and non-warranty bikes.

Attention! The warranty does not cover bicycle parts subject to normal wear and tear: chains, cassettes (freewheel), inlet tubes and tires.

For more information please contact our consultants.