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 Москва: +7 (495) 543-91-91, H.Новгород: +7(831) 260-02-22
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CORTO - is a young and fast growing company.

Creation and engineering of mountain bikes is one of the main activities of our company.

Together with CORTO you can break out of the humdrum of everyday life, escape from endless affairs and concerns of it and get back to nature.

We do our best to change the style of modern life and to make the bike an important part of it. We believe this is not just a manufactured article, but a perfect machine and the result of enthusiastic work of professionals.

Each CORTO bike contains a piece of their creativity, energy and joy of life. All this helps details and parts interact with each other and with the cyclist perfectly.

But the question is:
And how can it really help to create a better bike for you? CORTO is thinking about it throughout the whole process, starting with the technical idea, the design and quality control - each step is under close supervision of the CORTO experts.

Professionals are our pride and success for whom a favorite devotion became a hobby labor.

Since the very beginning to the present day we have been combining most advanced technologies and flexible approach to pricing of our products to satisfy the tastes of any customer – amateur and professional.

We value every customer!

We are always looking for new designs and materials to improve quality. Our bikes are being tested in urban and extreme conditions by professionals and amateurs that help us by the way of “cut and try” to achieve almost perfect quality of our bikes.

Just trust us - CORTO serves you the best!